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Manecia’s Bio


Forest Gump once said, “Life is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you are going to get.” Manecia knows this saying to be very true in her own life. As a young girl growing up and dreaming of becoming a Professional Broadway dancer, her life didn’t exactly turn out the way she expected. In 1992, she graduated from South Carolina State University with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, and in 2001 she graduated from Converse College with a Master’s degree in Education Administration. However, it wasn’t her Professional life that proved to be a challenge for her, but her personal life was an unending spiral into one failed relationship after another. By 2009, she found herself at 40 years old realizing that she needed to do some INTENSIVE “Soul Work” if she wanted to understand how to break those unhealthy patterns in future relationships. And that’s EXACTLY what she set out to do. She read and studied numerous books on relationships and kept volumes of journals of all the lessons she learned, but most importantly, she was finally unraveling the unhealthy threads that weaved their way into all of her relationships. She relied on these lessons like oxygen and found herself sharing those lessons with other women who were also having challenges in their relationships. In 2010, Manecia started The Wisdom Circle. These were monthly meetings she held in her home for women to come and learn how to grow healthy, positive and productive relationships. Manecia became passionate about her work in helping other women in their relationships and founded EXHALE! Coaching and Consulting Services to further expand her vision and message of the healing power that women have when they come together to support and encourage each other. On April 18, 2015, Manecia remarried and was looking forward to using all of the knowledge she learned in her new relationship.  In March of 2021, Manecia became a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst and with her intensive training she discovered that her husband was on the Autism Spectrum (aka: High Functioning Autism or Asperger Syndrome). As a Certified Professional Relationship Coach, Life Coach, Keynote Speaker and author, Manecia realized that even though she had helped many women in their relationships, she now had to help herself and learn how to be in a Neurodiverse relationship.

With the box of chocolates that Manecia had been given, she discovered the Neurodiverse Love podcast and was so excited to tune in each week and learn more about these types of relationships, and to her surprise…she went from a listener to a co-host of the Neurodiverse Love podcast. Manecia believes her purpose in life is to educate, encourage and inspire women to live a life that they choose and not a life that they settle for. Manecia’s motto in life is...” You can either be miserable or stronger, but the amount of time is the same. You have to choose.” Everyone’s Story Matters and we welcome you to the Neurodiverse Love podcast to learn more about the strengths and challenges of being in a Neurodiverse relationship and we invite you to share your story with us.

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