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Olga's Bio


Olga met her ex-boyfriend almost 4 years ago through Facebook. He was the friend of a friend. They fell in love and only personally met 2 months later. The moment they met she knew something was different, something she did not know how to explain but it felt like he was on the autism spectrum. The only person who could help was Mona. Olga listed some of the traits she had identified, Mona then realized her husband had some of the same traits. Going through this relationship with Mona’s support made a big difference.

The everyday in her relationship had a combination of things that made her fall in more in love with him but also there were difficulties that created big distances between them. The relationship ended after almost a year. After
it ended, Olga still had a lot of understanding and healing to do which led her to start a journey. The journey of creating a space to talk about everything from the past relationships and the new ones.

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