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The "Why" Behind Neurodiverse Love

My mission is to partner with others to increase understanding, appreciation, and acceptance of the strengthsdifferences and challenges

in "Neurodiverse Love" relationships.

Whether you and your partner are just beginning to date, have been together for years, or have been with each other for decades, knowing you are in a neurodiverse relationship can help increase understanding and compassion towards each other. Not everyone will understand some of the unique strengths, differences and challenges that you both may have experienced individually and in your relationship. However, please remember, your relationship is not a community project, but it can give each of you an opportunity to learn, heal and grow.


It is also important to understand that when one or both of you don't know you are a neurodiverse couple, this may be the reason you and your partner have had challenges in communication, experience social and emotional differences, and may have both caused each other unintentional hurt and pain. Whether you see differences in the ways you each socialize with others, or the way in which you each deal with and share emotions, looking through a neurodiverse lens with compassion and understanding can help you both move from "struggling to thriving". Sometimes there are differences in the way you each process day to day activities, address household responsibilities, or co- parent. At other times, there may be sensory issues that impact a work or home environment. No matter what similarities or differences you and your partner have, it's important to remember what brought you into each other's lives and view each other through a lens of curiosity, with the goal of understanding how you can work together as you move forward in life. No relationship is guaranteed success, however when you both know better, you can both CHOOSE to do better!


I have created this website and the resources available through the Neurodiverse Love community to help neurodiverse couples, their families and friends increase understanding of some of the strengths, challenges and differences that neurodiverse couples may be experiencing. I believe that increasing understanding and compassion between different neurotypes, can help more people thrive as both individuals and couples.  

Welcome to the Neurodiverse Love community and

thanks for supporting my mission.

With gratitude,

Mona Kay, MSW. Ph.D.

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