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A Few of the

Neurodiverse Love

Conversation Card Questions 

in the Digital Deck:

  • What do you think are my greatest strengths and the greatest strengths we have as a couple?

  • What are the most important activities in your daily routine?

  • What is the most effective way for you to deal with your emotions and feelings?

  • What scents or smells are you sensitive to and how can we balance each others needs?

  • How do you prefer to share your thoughts and ideas with me?

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Neurodiverse Love

Conversation Cards

for ONLY $11(US)

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Neurodiverse Love Conversation Card Workbook
for ONLY $12.97 (US)

The digital card deck includes 52 questions that could have increased understanding and reduced "unintentional" emotional pain and confusion during my 30 year marriage. 

The digital workbook includes the 52 questions from the card deck and another 52 questions that can help couples learn even more about what you each want and need

to thrive in life and your relationship.

  • Want to be heard, valued, and understood in your Neurodiverse Love relationship?

  • Want to create a positive connection with your partner, one question at a time?

  • Are you worried about how to start the conversation with your partner?

  • The Neurodiverse Love Conversation Cards and Workbook can help you connect and better understand each other today.

For more information about the Conversation Cards, please send an e-mail

A BIG thanks to the neurodiverse couples around the world who did a "test drive" of the questions. 

Each couple provided invaluable feedback and received a free deck of cards for their help.

Thank you SO much:

Asher & Matt

Carole Jean & Josh

Emanuela & Antonio

Kate & Clark

Lauren & Ed

Monique & Kees



Thanks for being a part of the Neurodiverse Love community! 

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