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February 14 & 15, 2023

from 11am-7pm EST

27 Engaging Presentations!

See the Conference Presenters Listed Below

Use the discount link below

before February 11, 2023

at 11:59pm EST for 50% off!

Click here for a 50% discount on the ticket price!

During the Conference you will learn from:

  • Neurodiverse couples

  • Autistic and neurotypical/non-autistic individuals in neurodiverse relationships

  • Coaches, counselors and therapists who work with individuals in neurodiverse relationships and neurodiverse couples

  • Others on a "Neurodiverse Love" journey

Our mission is to partner with others to

increase understanding, appreciation and acceptance

of the strengths, differences and challenges in "Neurodiverse Love" relationships.

For more information email:; follow @neurodiverse_love on Instagram or sign up for the Neurodiverse Love newsletter

 All 27 conference sessions have been prerecorded,
so you will have access to all the presentations for up to
3 months


Some presenters
will be doing a
during the conference.
When you buy your ticket,
you will get more info on this
special bonus!


Virtual Team Meeting

Engaging Sessions to Increase Understanding
& Help You and Your Partner Know That You're Not Alone

Do you feel like no one understands you or your relationship?

Do you want to better understand the health and mental health challenges that you are having?

Have you had a hard time communicating with your partner?

Have you been misdiagnosed and want to better understand yourself?

Do you and your partner not see eye-to-eye?

  • Joe Biel-

  • Faith Harper-https-//

    • Neurologically Mixed Relationships: The Crash Course​

Have you ever wondered why you and your partner's reactions are so different?

Do you wish your communication challenges could improve?

Are you looking for ways to reduce triggers in your relationship?

How are some couples working through the challenges you and your partner are having?

Do you and your partner understand each other's core values?

Do you want to improve your sex life?

What is missing that can help you create a strong foundation for your relationship?

Does mindset really matter?

Do you really understand what you each need in your relationship?

Is trauma impacting your relationship!

Are there simple tools that can help you and your partner get along better?

Looking for communication skills that have worked well in a neurodiverse marriage?

Want to reduce dysregulation and respond calmly?

  • Heather Parks-

    • Interrupting the Defense Cycle: A Nervous System Perspective of Neurodiverse Relationships​

Do you understand why you have SO many misunderstandings?

Do you know how you and your partner need to be loved?

Have you lost yourself and are you looking to find your essence again?

Your sexual intimacy challenges are real and CAN be addressed!!!

Are sensory sensitivities impacting your sex life?

Are Meltdowns or Shutdowns a regular part of your relationship?

Do you know your partner's parenting strengths?

  • Kate and Clark Webb-@neurodiversecouple on Instagram

    • Adventures in Neurodiverse Parenting​

Burnout can impact EVERY aspect of your life...even sex!

Are you the only couple experiencing these challenges?

  • Bronwyn Wilson-

    • Bridging the Gap: Advancing Awareness and Understanding of Neurodiverse Relationships​

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