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4 Week Workshop Series with Mona Kay & Sarah Swenson Begins on 7/9

Hello everyone,

Sometimes I think back to how I felt, and where I was emotionally, physically and mentally at the beginning of 2016, before my ex and I separated. After our separation, it would be almost another 1.5 years (in the summer of 2017), before I discovered we were a neurodiverse couple.

I was 52 years old and was in a pretty desperate place! I couldn't imagine continuing to feel the way I did for the rest of my life and I didn't know how to heal the divide between me and my husband...the man I had loved (and repeatedly misunderstood and judged) for almost 30 years!!!

After discovering we were a mixed-neurotype couple, I searched everywhere for help. I found a few books and a support group that made me feel less alone. I had hope that things could get better, but I also knew that I couldn't change anyone but myself. By increasing understanding and accepting of what would never change, as well as learning more about what I could change, I began to discern what I needed to do to be healthy, happy and at matter what happened in my marriage.

Based on everything I wish I knew and had access to, as well as Sarah Swenson's many years of experience working with lots of neurodiverse couples throughout the world, we have created a 4 week workshop series that is exactly what I needed when I discovered I had been in a neurodiverse marriage for almost 30 years!

If you are the neurotypical/non-autistic partner in your relationship and any of my story resonates with you, then I hope you will join us for this very special 4 week workshop series that begins on July 9th.

Space is Limited!

Register Now for the

4 Week Workshop Series

That Begins on July 9th

Imagine spending 90 minutes a week for 4 weeks with other neurotypical/non-autistic folks who have experienced SO many of the same challenges and struggles you and your partner have had in your relationship.

How would it feel to hear from Sarah Swenson, LMHC and I that so many of the feelings and experiences you have had with the person you love have an explanation? How could your life change if you could increase your understanding and acceptance of what is, as well as learning more about what may never change, and determine how to live a life that is filled with more peace and joy?

During my 30 year marriage I never stopped loving my ex-husband, however I did stop loving myself and the person I had become. I no longer understood why we kept having the same challenges and fights over and over again. We also didn’t understand the impact our neurology was having on our communication, emotional reciprocity, decision-making processes, socializing challenges, sensory struggles, and our physical intimacy.

How could two people love each other so much and repeatedly and “unintentionally” hurt each other? Most of the time, one of us thought we were explaining ourselves clearly and the other kept misunderstanding or feeling judged. Emotional pain was weighing on both of us and nothing seemed to help.

If any of this resonates with you, then I hope you’ll join Sarah Swenson, LMHC and I for our upcoming 4 week workshop series titled “How Can I Love My Partner and Still Struggle to Imagine a Healthy Future Together?” that begins on July 9th at 7:30pm EST.

I wish I had access to a workshop series like this during my marriage!! Spaces are limited, so if you would like to join us you can register at the link below:

Everyone who joins us for this valuable workshop series will receive the workshop workbook (that is not available for sale), as well as these 4 additional bonuses for FREE:

  1. Digital download of the Neurodiverse Love Conversation Cards. ($11 value)

  2. Digital download of the Neurodiverse Love Conversation Workbook. ($12.97 value)

  3. Unlimited access to the 27 video presentations from the Neurodiverse Love Conference. ($97 value)

  4. Unlimited access to the workshop video with Greg Fuqua, LMHC and Mona Kay titled “Strategies & Tools for Increasing Healthy Communication in Your Neurodiverse Relationship”. You will also receive the downloadable workshop workbook. ($97 value)

THAT'S $217.97 in FREE BONUSES!!!!

I look forward to seeing many of you during this workshop series and if you have any questions or need any additional information, please send me an email at:

With thanks,

Mona Kay, MSW, Ph.D.

Host of the “Neurodiverse Love” podcast


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