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Navigating Your Neurodiverse Relationship Support Group & Neurodiverse Love Conversation Workbook

Hello everyone,

At the beginning of this month, Jodi Carlton ( and I co-facilitated the first meeting of the new support group we are offering for individuals of all neurotypes.  The group is called "Navigating Your Neurodiverse Relationship" and we started this monthly support group so that individuals could hear different perspectives and lived experiences from others who are autistic, allistic or neurotypical.  In addition, Jodi and I provide information on some of the challenges that may be occurring when partners don't understand how each other's neurology may be impacting communication, emotional needs, sensory differences, social quotas, and so many other areas of every day life. 

In this support group, individuals will get input and support from others to determine what are "perpetual" problems and what are "solvable" problems.  In addition, we will talk about the importance of understanding what is possible, or doable, and what may not be something you, or your partner, are motivated (or able) to change.

I often use the analogy that if you were watching a sunset with a blind person and you repeatedly asked them to "see and appreciate the beautiful colors in the setting sun", no matter how many ways you describe what you are seeing, or ask them to experience it the way you are, they will never be able to "see" what you see.  Sometimes that type of discernment can create clarity about ways in which you and/or your partner may want to work on changing or improving, or to accept the things that will never change.  Either way, we hope this support group will be helpful to many of you who may feel stuck, confused, or are questioning the next steps in your neurodiverse relationship.

Because we had so many people from throughout the world interested in attending the support group, we will now be offering two support groups that will meet at different times. The cost to attend either group is only $25.  The support groups will be held on Zoom on the first Wednesday of the month from 12:30-2PM EST and from 6:30-8pm EST.  You can attend once, or come back as often as you want, however there will be a limited number of spaces available each month.  If you would like to be a part of this unique support group you can reserve your spot at: 

PLEASE NOTE: this group is "not" for couples to attend together, however each partner can attend at different times or on different months.

In addition, If you are looking for more resources to help you better understand yourself and your partner I hope you will consider buying the Neurodiverse Love Conversation Card Workbook.  The downloadable digital workbook is only $12.97  and includes the 52 questions from the Neurodiverse Love Conversation Card Deck, and another 52 questions for you and your partner to discuss together to learn even more about each other.  

If you have any questions about the support group or the Workbook, please feel free to send me an email at:

Thank you for being a part of the Neurodiverse Love community.

With gratitude,


Instagram @neurodiverse_love 

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Where are the free support groups. How do I get your podcasts?

Mona Kay
Mona Kay
Nov 10, 2023
Replying to

My podcast is called Neurodiverse Love and you can access it on my website ( or anywhere you listen to podcasts. The free support groups are for Neurotypical/non-autistic partners and if you are the NT partner please send me an email at for more info.

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