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Next Neurodiverse Couples Support Group Begins on 4/25/23

Hello everyone,

Do you and your partner want to meet other Neurodiverse Couples? Do you want to understand how to navigate some of your neurological differences related to communication, emotional reciprocity, sensory issues, and social quotas?  Then you may want to join the next Neurodiverse Couples Support Group that I am facilitating that will start on April 25th at 7:30pm EST (US).

We will meet every week on Zoom for 4 weeks and the cost is $199 per couple.  Each couple will receive a FREE downloadable digital version of the “Neurodiverse Love Conversation Cards” ($11 value) and the digital version of the Neurodiverse Love G.P.S. Guidebook, which is not yet available for sale.

If you and your partner are interested, please send me an email at:

There are up to 8 couples in each group and each meeting is about 90 minutes.  During each session, we talk about 2-3 different topics that may be challenges or differences with which Neurodiverse couples may be dealing.  The group is focused on increasing knowledge, learning new tools and strategies, and receiving support from other Neurodiverse couples that may be going through similar things. 



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Looking forward to the next one that's not on Tuesdays. 😀

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