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Next Neurodiverse Couples Support Group Starts 7/26 at 8pm EST

Does it sometimes feel like you and your partner are on two different planets? Do you have very different communication styles, which can sometimes lead to conflict or misunderstandings? Do you have different socializing needs and want to have more fun together? Do you each have very different processing speeds when making decisions?  Are you both so focused on what isn't working in your relationship that you have forgotten what attracted you to each other?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you and your partner may want to join my next Neurodiverse Love Couples Support Group. On Wednesday, July 26th at 8:00pm EST (US), I will be facilitating another Neurodiverse Love Couples Support Group.  The group will meet weekly on Zoom for 4 weeks and will include no more than 8 couples.

During our group meetings you and your partner will see that you are not alone in experiencing the differences and challenges in your neurodiverse relationship. You will also get a chance to meet and talk with other couples who are dealing with similar issues. In addition, you will learn how to better understand each other's differences and strengths and how to make shifts in your perspective that can lead to beneficial changes in your relationship. 

The cost for both partners to join the group is $199 for all four sessions.  In addition, everyone in the group will get a free digital deck of the Neurodiverse Love Conversation Cards ($11 value) and the digital version of the Neurodiverse Love GPS Guidebook (which is not available for sale).

If you and your partner would like to join the couples support group, please send an email to me at: and I will send you an invoice for payment.

 In addition, if you weren't able to attend the Neurodiverse Love Conference in February and would like to have unlimited access to all of the 27 amazing conference presentations they are available for only $98.   Lastly, if you haven't purchased the digital deck of the Neurodiverse Love Conversation Cards they are available here for only $11.  

Thank you for being a part of the Neurodiverse Love community. 

With gratitude,


Founder of the Neurodiverse Love Conference Instagram @neurodiverse_love

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Emilie Johansson
Emilie Johansson
Sep 28, 2023


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