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4 Week Workshop: “I Love My Partner & Still Struggle to Imagine a Healthy Future Together”

Hello everyone,

Are you often confused in your neurodiverse relationship? Do you wish there weren't so many misunderstandings between you and your partner? Are you trying to understand each other's perspectives, but feel like you need a translator for many of your conversations?  If you are the non-autistic/neurotypical partner in your relationship, and your answer to the questions above is" YES", then I invite you to join Sarah Swenson, LHMC  ( and I for our upcoming 4 week workshop titled, "I Love My Partner and Still Struggle to Imagine a Healthy Future Together".  The investment to join us for this event is ONLY $297, so click here today to secure your spot!

We will meet weekly for 4 weeks from 7:30-9pm EST, beginning on January 23, 2024.  Each week we will address a different topic and Sarah and I will provide lots of important information that can help increase understanding of the ways in which two different neurotypes can thrive individually and as a couple.  We will also provide you with strategies and tools that can help you and your partner make improvements in many areas of your relationship including:

1) Communication Differences: Why is it so difficult to feel heard? What can help you understand your differences?

2) Emotional Differences: Why do you sometimes feel invisible or lonely? Why is this relationship unlike what you expected it to be?

3) Socializing Differences: Teamwork and Connection: Why is it so hard to work together? What recognition and accommodations are possible to respect your differences, while also meeting social demands?

4) Sex and Physical Intimacy: What do you do if you have different needs and desires? How can the two of you talk about this with compassion and hope?

There are only a limited number of spots available for the workshop and to protect everyone's confidentiality, none of the sessions will be recorded. The sessions will be held weekly on Zoom from 7:30-9pm EST on 1/23/24, 1/30/24, 2/6/24 and 2/13/24. During each session, Sarah and I will spend at least 45-60 minutes sharing important information that many of you have been seeking and there will also be plenty of time for discussion and Q&A.  

For those of you that invest in this workshop by 12/31/23 you will also receive 3 FREE BONUSES:

1) Digital version of the Neurodiverse Love Conversation Cards (an $11 value)

2) Digital version of the Neurodiverse Love Conversation Card Workbook (a $12.97 value)

3) Access to the 27 recorded presentations from the Neurodiverse Love Conference (a $98 value)

The Zoom link for the workshop and the FREE BONUSES will be sent out a few days before the workshop begins.

I look forward to having some of you join us at this very valuable workshop, and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at:

Thank you for being a part of the Neurodiverse Love community.

With gratitude,


Instagram @neurodiverse_love 

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