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Addressing Communication Challenges-Learn More at the Neurodiverse Love Conference

Hello all,

How often have you asked yourself: "Why do my partner and I have SO many challenges communicating with each other?"  Unfortunately, I think this is one of the issues that can create the most conflict, and some of the biggest misunderstandings for neurodiverse couples. However, I do believe that when partners understand why it feels like they are both speaking different languages (or that they are from different planets), they can both learn new strategies and tools that can help them communicate more effectively.  

If communication challenges occur often in your relationship, then you don't want to miss the sessions below that will address this important topic.

 Click here before February 11th at 11:59pm EST to get 50% off the price of your conference ticket and to see a list of the other fantastic conference sessions.

  • Communication Styles with Ali Arena

  • Crack the Communication Code: The World's First Relationship Rescue Method Specifically Designed for Mixed Neurotype Couples with Jodi Carlton

  • Top 3 Challenges in Neurodiverse Relationships and Helpful Techniques to Address Each with Grace Myhill

  • Neurodiverse Love Languages with Cheryl Rhodes  

  • The Calm in Conflict with Robin Tate

​The Neurodiverse Love Conference will be held on February 14th and 15th from 11am-7pm EST. 

All the sessions have been pre-recorded, so if you can't join us live don't worry, you will have access to all 27 presentations for up to 3 months. 

I hope that all of you will be able to join us at the conference.

With gratitude,

Mona Kay, MSW, Ph.D.

Instagram @neurodiverse_love

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